710 - Reception Pen

Tethered by a cord rather than chain, the 710 Reception Pen has a unique feature - after use the pen slowly returns to the base station automatically.

• The automatic return system is designed to minimise the writing resistance. The system automatically reduces the resistance when the pen is in the writing position.

• The unit is self contained and does not require batteries or an external power supply.

• Can be produced in different colours or carry a corporate logo.

• Advanced integrated functions and features designed to effectively negate the need for future unit replacement. Thus allowing you to fit and forget.

• Simple and fast to replace without training.

• Designed to be used extensively by multiple users - Anti-Damage design.

• Space saving design with minimal counter ‘foot print’ unit fixed to counter top in chosen position with screw or Ultra High Bond adhesive pad [ provided ].

• The permanent base plate stays fixed to counter top for easy interchange-ability of unit / parts without removing the base-plate - and the resulting "sticky mess“ .

• Uses easy to fit universal refills, which can be fitted quickly with no skills or tools required.

• Visual low ink indicator.

•Ergonomic non-slip and easy-grip design enables easier use of the pen by your customers, especially those who find traditional pens difficult to use (elderly and arthritic etc).

• Contrasting colours of the pen holder are designed to help guide the partially sighted.

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